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…the earliest archeological finds of accounting, plain clay artifacts, were discovered in the ancient city of Jericho, Israel?

…Franciscan monk and mathematician, Luca Pacioli (1447-1517) is considered to be “The Father of Accounting?”  He was a contemporary of Columbus and a friend and collaborator of Leonardo da Vinci. 

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Book in Progress by Gary Giroux: A Short History of Accounting & Business

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  • 1870     First accountants listed in the St. Louis Business Directory
  • 1896     First public accountant listed in the St. Louis Business Directory
  • 1904     The Federation of Societies of Public Accountants met in St. Louis
  • 1908     First accounting courses offered by University of Missouri-Columbia
  • 1909     First law governing accountancy passed in Missouri
    Missouri State Board of Accountancy created to enforce accountancy laws
    Missouri Society of CPAs (MSCPA) officially formed on June 18 with 23 members
    Francis A. Wright awarded first certificate to practice as a CPA in Missouri
  • 1917     First time Uniform CPA Exam offered by Missouri
  • 1943     Missouri passes new accountancy law solidifying legal role of CPA
  • 1967     Missouri passes new accountancy laws that provide for privileged communication between CPAs and clients
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