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Caleb Harris, MSCPAs October 2012 Student of the Month, was chosen by an independent panel of judges for MSCPA's 2012/2013 Student of the Year.

Caleb graduated from Southwest Baptist University in May 2013. He has already sat for all four (4) parts of the CPA exam; passing them all the first time with an average score of 96.25. Although there has been no official announcement yet, according to information we have been provided, this achievement qualifies him for the AICPA's Elijah Watt Sells Award!

When asked why he decided to become a CPA, Caleb stated, "One of the things my accounting professor, Mr. Clark, taught me (before I even became a student at SBU) is that accounting is the 'language of business.' And there is no better way for a person to demonstrate his/her fluency in the language of business than by earning a CPA license. In addition to technical skills, earning a CPA license demonstrates responsibility, dedication, discipline, and good ethical values."

Caleb started a staff auditor position with BKD, LLP in Springfield, Missouri shortly after graduation.

Caleb has been recognized in MSCPA's September 2013 magazine, "The ASSET, " ( a digital version is available at www.mocpa.org for MSCPA members). He will be presented with a certificate at an upcoming MSCPA awards dinner.

CCH is a co-sponsor of the LEAP 2012/2013 Student of the Year award.

Congratulations again to Caleb Harris, MSCPA's 2012/2013Student of the Year 

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The state of Missouri has many fine colleges and universities with outstanding accounting programs. As a result, the LEAP Initiative created the Student of the Month and Student of the Year awards to highlight and bring to the forefront accounting majors who excel at numerous levels, not just academically. Both Student of the Month and Student of the Year winners display exceptional leadership, community involvement, and professional conduct.

During the school year, August through July, an accounting major from a Missouri college/university is highlighted on LEAP's website, www.leap-forward.com, as Student of the Month. In addition, one of the twelve (12) Student of the Month winners is recognized on the LEAP website, in the September edition of MSCPA's magazine, The ASSET, and at an MSCPA awards dinner as "LEAP Student of the Year."

Do you know a Missouri accounting major who deserves recognition for his/her achievements and leadership?  Nominate him/her for the MSCPA Student of the Month award!

Each month MSCPA will choose a Student of the Month to feature on the LEAP website.
  The contest will run from August 2013 to July 2014.  The winner will be announced at the end of the next month.  For example, August 2013s winner will be announced in September 2013, etc. 

CCH is a co-sponsor of the MSCPA 2013/2014 Student of the Month award. They provide current accounting books for each winner.    

One winner will be chosen from the twelve (12) monthly winners from 2013/2014, and he/she will be featured on the LEAP website and in an article in the 2014 September "ASSET," which is the monthly publication sent to all MSCPA members!

CCH is a co-sponsor of the MSCPA 2013/2014 Student of the Year award as well. 


Student of the Month Nomination Requirements:

 *Nominator must be an MSCPA college student member or college educator/staff member
 *Nominee must be an MSCPA college student member

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  Sign up for FREE college student membership at www.leap-forward.com.  College membership applications are processed on Fridays.  Nominators should complete the nomination form after the nominee receives a membership acknowledgement email. Nomination Form!