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Many students pursue internships to gain real world experience, and may write a paper or develop an internship portfolio for credit. However, students often appear to struggle making meaningful connections between their internship work experience and their academic training. This problem might be due in large part to the traditional reporting structure in internships, which feature intern participants reporting to one or more internship advisors. Students do not often report extensive collaboration with peer interns during their internship experience. Research has shown that such peer collaboration can be an especially rich aspect of the development process. "Some students find it easier to integrate experience with prior knowledge when interacting with their peers, especially those with similar or shared experiences"
(McDonald, 2013, p. 11). There are few companies that have extensive internship programs that include peer collaboration, but there are many students who do not receive this opportunity.

Faculty advisors of student organizations can also help students to make these key connections between their academic training and real world experience via service learning experiences. As a faculty advisor for Beta Alpha Psi (BAP), I value the service learning community the student organization has created for accounting, finance, and information systems students at the University of Missouri-St. Louis (UMSL). BAP is an international honor organization that encourages student chapters to develop and deliver programming that enhances career development and service learning opportunities.

Student competitions are hosted that encourage students to develop innovative projects within their chapter. The competitions provide an opportunity to expand the community service project to a service learning experience. Students are required to develop learning outcomes and conduct assessment of the results. It provides an opportunity for reflection, and this is a great opportunity for faculty interaction as students process the experience. This reflection is helpful as students enhance their marketability to employers. "In cover letters and interviews when students make connections between their internship, or service-learning project, and their curricular learning, employers will better understand the educational value of the experience"
(McDonald, 2013, p. 19).

Service learning projects provide real world application of accounting concepts. Our chapter has provided cash management assistance for local charity fundraising events, volunteer income tax assistance to low income taxpayers, and an internal control review for a not for profit organization. Students are able to deepen their understanding of accounting concepts and have real experience as a context of learning.

Our chapter conducted an internal control review as a service learning project, and the students decided to use the project as a context for the best practices competition on writing. The student leaders of the project developed learning outcomes, reflected on their experience, and highlighted what they learned about the writing process. The students presented their project at the regional conference, and are preparing for the national level of the competition, which is this month. The reflection process provided a high level of peer and faculty collaboration.

Beta Alpha Psi is a great model for other student organizations. I encourage faculty members to help other academic student organizations convert community service projects into service learning experiences. "As faculty advisors, we need to encourage constant, guided reflection...Verbally sharing the experiences and exchanging reactions and questions with other students provides an opportunity to reconsider assumptions and offer yet another outlet for reflection"
(McDonald, 2013, p. 13). I truly enjoy this part of my experience as a faculty advisor. The dialogue is engaging and inspiring to me to continue to seek these types of service learning experiences for my students.

Michael K. McDonald, "Internships, Service Learning, and Study Aboard: Helping Students Integrate Learning Across Multiple Experiences," in From Service-Learning to Civic and Political Engagement, eds. Alison Rios Millett McCartney, Elizabeth A Bennion, and Dick Simpson, American Political Science Association: Washington, D.C., forthcoming 2013.

About the Author: Traci Hodges is an Accounting Lecturer and Beta Alpha Psi Faculty Advisor for UMSL. Traci is a licensed CPA in Missouri, and has a Masters Degree in Counseling and Adult Education. She is currently a doctoral student in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies at UMSL. Traci has experience in career counseling, public accounting, and internal auditing.

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I want to thank Traci Hodges for the wonderful article in this month's Peer to Peer segment. I have personally had the privilege to see Traci's interactions with her students in UMSL's BAP chapter. She is truly devoted, which makes her extremely effective in relating to her students. They in turn are very attentive to her suggestions and leadership. I encourage you to reach out to her regarding service projects for your student organizations!

Lisa Thoms

Accounting Careers Manager
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800.264.7966, ext. 155