Mentor Program


MSCPA student and CPA candidate members have a lot of questions about the process of becoming a CPA, and the profession in general. Practicing CPAs are an excellent source of information and encouragement to them! 

The goal of this program is to connect a CPA (mentor) with an MSCPA college student/CPA candidate member (mentee) based on chapter area and CPAs experience and the student/candidates interest(s).

Here are some details regarding the program:

Ø  Enrollment in the program for CPAs (mentors) is open now, and remains open all year.
Ø  Enrollment in the program for students and candidate members (mentees) is open once a year (October 1st).
Ø  Mentors & Mentees will be contacted the first week of November with their assignment information.
Ø  Mentoring can take place by e-mail, phone call, and face to face. (How the meetings are conducted is determined by each mentor and mentee.) 
Ø  Mentors and mentees are asked to commit to a one-year term, i.e. November thru October.
Ø  Each mentor and mentee will be asked to fill out a survey. (The survey is designed to assist us with the placement process.) 

If you are interested in joining the mentoring program, please fill out the appropriate survey below.

CPAs - This is a great opportunity to give back to the profession, and have an impact on the next generation of CPAs!

Students/Candidates - Don't miss this chance to hear from a practicing professional in the field of your choice!

Enlist today in our new mentor program!

Click on the link below, which pertains to you, and complete the survey. You will then be contacted by an MSCPA staff member.

We accept applications to be a mentor year round. Please click on the link above.

Students and Candidate Members The Fall 2014 Term will open on October 1st. All student and candidate members of MSCPA will receive an email announcement on this date.

If you have any questions, please contact Lisa Thoms at or call 1.800.264.7966, ext. 155.