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What is the MSCPA?

The Missouri Society of CPAs is the premier professional development organization dedicated to certified public accountants in the state of Missouri. The MSCPA represents nearly 10,000 CPA members in public practice, industry, government and education. Established in 1909, the MSCPA provides members with continuing education, governmental advocacy and networking opportunities, while working to further the CPA profession through student-focused initiatives. To check out the website, go to

In 2001, the Missouri Society of CPAs created LEAP (Lead and Enhance the Accounting Profession). 

Its mission, which still holds true today, is simple, yet powerful.  The purpose of LEAP is to raise awareness, build understanding, and change perceptions about the CPA profession in Missouri. 

While LEAPs roots grew out of building awareness about the CPA profession among high school students, the society has worked diligently for the past four years to create programs to gain commitment from college students to major in accounting and sit for the exam. 

MSCPA is committed to deepening our relationships with the universities and working hard to aggressively promote the CPA profession on campuses throughout Missouri.